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Interwolf d.o.o.
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1370 Logatec, Slovenija

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Special screws manufactured in accordance with the high requirements of customers. Usually far from standard forms, lots are usually small.


Screws with assembled washers named also comby-screws of different dimensions with the diameter from 3 to 6 mm, length 10 to 50mm. Such screws are much practical and economical to use for a final users because there is no need to assemble washers and the screws by hand.



We can supply plugs preassembled with the washer. In our production programm there are washers from different materials according to the customer demands (Elastomer, Aluminium, Copper, steel). Metal washer are fix-assembled on the plug.


In collaboration with the German enterprise Bilstein & Siekerman GmbH + Co. KG we produce technicaly complicated socket screw plugs according to norm DIN 908, 909, 910 and DIN 7604 as well as according to the customer drawings. Different materials are used by the production such as steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminium. We offer articles with all commonly used galvanic coats.


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